Canada Public Health Agency Reports Measles in Quebec

by Wayne Ghesquiere on March 18, 2015


Since late January 2015, the Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed 139 cases of measles.  This is a significant increase over the average incidence rate.  Cases have been primarily reported from a non-immunizing religious community in Lanaudiere Region, Quebec.  A case has been linked to the outbreak in Disneland (Anaheim, California).  Eighteen cases have been reported from Ontario’s Department of Health but are not linked to the initial outbreak.

Current health recommendations for travelers:  If there is no history of disease or adequate report of doses of the vaccine, it is recommended to receive the vaccine.  All those born before 1970 in Canada without evidence of immunity or vaccination should receive a booster dose of the vaccine.  Contact your local health care provider for more information.

Measles is vaccine preventable.  The Nova Travel Clinic carries the Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine by appointment.  For further information contact us today.

For further information visit : The Public Health Agency of Canada

Measles and Rubella Weekly Monitoring Report


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