Dominican Republic

Since January 2013,  the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Health has reported 3800 cases of Dengue Fever. The most affected areas of the Dominican are Santo Domingo and Santiago provinces and Distrito Nacional.   Travellers are advised to practice insect precautions.  There is no vaccine to protect against Dengue Fever; however travel clinics provide you with information on ways to protect yourself while travelling.  For consultation please call the office at 250-370-2366  


Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic there has been an ongoing outbreak of cholera since November 2010.  As of February 16, 2013 according to the Dominican Ministry of Health there has been a total of 708 suspected cases of cholera and 10 suspected cholera related deaths for 2012.


In Haiti there has been an ongoing outbreak of cholera . As of March 4, 2013,  according to the Haiti Ministry of Health there have been 649,449 reported cases and 8,057 cholera related deaths since the outbreak began in October 2010.

Travellers are advised to….

*Practice safe food and water practices (boil it, cook it, peel it or leave it)

* Wash hands regulary with soap and water

* Drink and use safe water

*Not defecate in body’s of water; use toilets only

Seek travel advise prior to leaving for your destination to ensure you know what to watch for and how to take care of you and your family during travel.

For further information on Cholera and how to protect yourself, please see you page: on Travellers Diarrhea and food and water safety, BC Health link file