Thousands of cases of cholera and related deaths have been reported since the epidemic began in October 2010 in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Cases of cholera have decreased in 2013 versus 2012 however they continue to be reported and increase during seasons of heavy rainfall.

Cuba Health Authorities have confirmed cholera in the provinces of Camaguey, Granma, Guantanamo, Havana and Santiago de Cuba.  Suspected cases continue to be monitored following the cholera outbreak in 2012.

Health authorities in Mexico have reported cases of cholera in the Distrito Federal (2 cases) and in Hidalgo State (8 cases) since August 2013.  The country was infected due to heavy rains, floods and landslides.

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends travelers to these areas practice extreme care in hygiene and safe food and water practices.

For further information on Cholera and travelers diarrhea and the vaccine (Dukoral) that can help protect you, please visit a travel health provider a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to departure (if possible).  The Nova Travel Clinic offers vaccinations, education and prevention methods as well as prescriptions for antibiotics for self treatment if travelers diarrhea occurs.


As of March 31,2013, according to the Ministry of Health in Haiti there has been 652,730 cases of cholera and 8,063 cholera related deaths since the beginning of the outbreak, in October 2010.  The outbreak has been reported in all 10 departments of Haiti; the country’s capital has had 176,100 cases reported. It is important to seek travel health advice prior to departure.  To learn more about cholera and the vaccine that can help protect you please see our pages on: Food and Water Safety and  Travellers Diarrhea


Update:Cholera:Dominican Republic and Haiti

April 12, 2013

Dominican Republic In the Dominican Republic there has been an ongoing outbreak of cholera since November 2010.  As of February 16, 2013 according to the Dominican Ministry of Health there has been a total of 708 suspected cases of cholera and 10 suspected cholera related deaths for 2012. Haiti In Haiti there has been an […]

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