As previously reported there have been an increase of Dengue fever reported from Kenya over the past several years with 6 cases reported in 2012.  A recent outbreak was reported in Angola, and in 1 case reported in Tokyo from a male traveller who had been a volunteer worker in Mombasa. The CDC Kenya is monitoring the situation.

The Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare reported a dengue outbreak in Dar es Salaam on June 14, 2013, data has not been provided; further investigations are required.

Dengue Fever is not a vaccine preventable disease.  Travellers are advised to seek travel health advise prior to departure to learn more on Dengue and how they can protect themselves from insect bites.  Travellers should also ensure all vaccines are up to date.




According to press sources, since March 2013, 10 suspected cases of Dengue Fever have been reported in Mombasa.

Solomon Islands:

Since January 2013, international health authorities have reported approximately 2,000 cases of dengue fever primarily from Honiara.

Travellers should seek a consultation with a travel health provider 4-6 weeks before travel.  As there is no vaccine it is important to learn about daytime insect precautions for protection against Dengue Fever.

For more information please see our page protection against insect bites.