Even a trip to a resort in Mexico or a cruise can have risks and health concerns that may ruin your trip.  Travel Health Clinics will help prepare and protect you for a safe and happy trip while abroad.


Take this steps to help ensure a safe and problem-free trip

  • Seek travel health advice 4-6 weeks (if possible) prior to travel.  Nova Travel  Clinic will ensure you are up to date on all recommended vaccinations and educated on illnesses that are not vaccine preventable.
  • Ensure your passport is up to date beyond the date of anticipated return
  • Make copies of your passport and itinerary, travel insurance policy and vaccination record and leave at home with friends or family
  • Is Yellow Fever required for entry into your destination? See a travel health nurse prior to leaving!!
  • Ensure you have all prescriptions filled prior to travel and travel with enough to cover your entire trip.
  • Obtain any required visas in advance
  • Carry an emergency contact card for nearest Canadian Government office
  • Obtain an international driving permit if required.
  • Travelling with children? http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/health-safety/children
  • Ensure you have a travel health kit that is easily transported
  • Check the most appropriate currency to carry.  Travellers cheques are rarely accepted abroad.
  • Learn about preventatives prior to travelling for protection against mosquito   bites, travellers’ diarrhea, altitude sickness etc. Information is your best tool for prevention of illnesses while travelling.


     While Travelling:

  •  Ensure you know what to do if you require medical assistance: Government of Canada: Consulates and Embassies
  •     Be aware of methods of transportation, daytimes travelling is recommended when possible
  •     Avoid sexually transmitted diseases, use a condom and beware of any injections or transfusions
  •     Be aware of animals, avoid dogs and monkeys.  IF you are bitten, clean the wound thoroughly and seek medical care.
  •     For food use common sense. And remember “Boil it, Peel it, Cook it or Purify it…OR FORGET IT”.  For more information see our page on Food and Water Safety