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Measles Outbreaks


Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. It is 9 times more infectious than the Flu. The most common population that are vulnerable to measles are infants and adults. Measles spreads through droplets, such as from a cough or sneeze, from an infected individual, and also through the air. The virus can suspend in the air for several hours. This year, 2019, there have been reported cases of measles worldwide. In British Columbia, there have been 22 confirmed cases. Vancouver Island accounts for 2 out of the 22 confirmed cases. At the Nova Travel Clinic, we highly recommend that you get your measles vaccine if you are missing a second dose, or both doses if you have never been vaccinated. The measles vaccine is available at any public health clinics, general practitioners, pharmacies, and travel medicine and immunization clinics including the Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic.

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