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Hundreds of cases of Dengue Fever Reported in Peru and Ecuador

Since January 2015 Peru’s Ministry of Health has been reporting more than 310 cases of dengue fever per week in region of Tumbes and 845 per week in region of Piura.  This is a significant increase over the average incidence reports of dengue fever.

Dengue Fever is also at a significant increase in Ecuador.  More than 1360 cases of dengue fever are being reported every week.  Incidences are primarily occurring in Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas and Los Rios provinces.

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue Fever is a viral disease spread to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.  There are 4 strains of the dengue fever virus.  The dengue fever mosquito generally bites during the day.  Symptoms include headache, high fever, joint and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting.   The more serious form of the disease is called dengue hemorrhagic fever which can be fatal.

How can Travellers Protect themselves?

There is no vaccine to prevent Dengue Fever.  Travellers should be well educated in insect precautions and aware of risk areas.  Please see our page on” Protection against insect bites“.  It is advised to seek travel health advice prior to trips abroad to ensure you are aware of illnesses such as dengue fever, chikungunya, malaria and other insect borne diseases.  Dengue fever mosquitos are often found indoors, in urban areas and in cool, dark places.

Contact the Nova Travel Clinic to make an appointment to ensure you are up to date on current health recommendations for your upcoming to trip!

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