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  • Cost of services: Consultations are recommended for all travelers.

Preventative travel immunizations and counseling costs are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Therefore a clinic fee is charged for a 30 minute consultation and immunization appointment with our staff. Consultations for complex or multiple people (same trip) are booked for longer than 30 minutes and fees will vary.

Consultations are necessary to determine the type of travel, a review of health history, and to provide prevention methods for health risks that cannot be prevented by vaccines.  Our clinic also provides travel related prescriptions such as malaria prophylaxis, travelers diarrhea and altitude sickness.   Travelers will receive recommendations for travel immunizations based on travel itinerary and type of travel.  Immunizations are done in the same appointment. We take the time to tailor the consultation to each travelers specific needs.

Travel health advice cannot be provided over the phone or via email.  Consultations are required for all travel health recommendations prior to any trip abroad.

Cancellation Policy:
The clinic requires a minimum of 48 hours business hours notice for cancellation or to reschedule any appointment.
Any cancellation, no show or change in appointment time not done within 48hours of appointment time may be charged a cancellation fee.
Thank you for your consideration.

Consultation Fees :  (Prices may vary as appointments are time based)

Includes full travel assessment. Recommended for all travelers (some itineraries will require consultation).
Immunizations are provided in the same appointment.

  • One person (30 minutes) $60.00
  • Two people same trip (45-60 minutes) $60.00 per person
  • Complex consultation for one person (45 minutes) $75.00

*Please note prices are time based and may vary for more complex trips. The final cost of the consultation will be determined by the Nova travel health nurse.*


Vaccination Only Visit:

25.00 fee per person + cost of vaccine

You will not receive travel advice or prescriptions at this visit.  Generally for individuals wishing protection against a specific illness. **Please note: We require a consultation prior to the yellow fever, rabies, Japanese encephalitis vaccination and any prescriptions**

There are also charges for the cost of the vaccines. These vaccine costs are competitive with pharmacies and other local travel clinics. Some private health plans will cover the costs of pre-travel related services as part of health coverage. Individuals with extended health benefits are advised to contact their insurers to find out what services may be covered.

*Please Note* it is important to keep your personal immunization records safe.  It is advised to make copies of your records in the event your original is lost or stolen.  Should you require duplicate immunization records a fee will be applied.  Contact us for more information, Thank you.

Follow Up Vaccine Appointments:

25.00 fee per person  + cost of vaccine                                                                             


To Book an Appointment Contact The Office at: 250-370-2366

Adacel$52.001 dose (Adult)10 Years
Dukoral 2 doses$135.002 oral doses3 mo/ 5 Years
Dukoral Booster$80.001 oral dose3 mo./ 5 years
Flu Vaccine$25.001 dose yearly1 year
Gardasil 9 (HPV)$190.00 ea3 doses∗∗∗
Hepatitis A adult dose$80.002 doses- 0 & 6-12 monthsLife
Hepatitis A junior dose$55.002 doses- 0 & 6-12 monthsLife
Hepatitis B adult$45.003 doses- 0,1,& 6 monthsLife
Hepatitis B accelerated$45.00 4 doses- 0,7,21days,1yrLife
Twinrix (Hepatitis A&B) adult$80.00ea3 doses- 0,1,& 6 monthsLife
Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B) accelerated$80.003 doses, 0, 1, 6 monthsLife
Japanese Encephalitis$240 ea2 doses 4 weeks apart∗∗∗
Menningoccocal ACYW135 $160.001 dose5 yrs.
Menningoccocal B
$150.00 ea2 doses 4 weeks apart***
MMR, Measles, Mumps, Rubella$0.002 doses 4 weeks apartLife
Shingrix (Shingles)$165.00 ea (includes admin fee)2 doses***
Tetanus/Diptheria/(Polio)0.00 (with MSP).1 doseTd 10 yrs.
Tuberculin Skin Test$65.00****
Typhoid Immunization$65.001 dose2 yrs.
Typhoid oral$65.004 oral capsules (Day 1,3,5,7)5 yrs.
Pneumonia (Prevnar 13)$125.001 doseLife
Pneumovax$0.001 dose***
Rabies Rabavert$230 ea3 doses 0,7,21d∗∗∗
Varicella (Chicken Pox)$0.00 (with MSP).2 doses 6 weeks apartLife
Vivaxim (Hep A & Typhoid Combined)$140.001 dose***
Yellow Fever >$180.001 doseLife
Yellow Fever Waiver$25.00Certificate OnlyValid for Trip

For Students or employees in Health Care we offer the following vaccinations (when eligible):
MSP coverage is necessary to be eligible for any publicly funded vaccines.
Hepatitis B,
Measles Mumps Rubella,

We also provide TB testing ($65.00) for school or work purposes.                                   

55.00 $ for Vaccine assessment                                                                                                         


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