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This type of traveller is often seeking a ‘resort type’ holiday destination with all the comforts of home. The tourist may be travelling alone, with children, as a couple or as a group; many recommendations will be considered based on type of travel. Sun is usually a priority for this type of traveller. Popular destinations include Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Caribbean or many destinations in Europe.

These Travellers usually remain within easy access to medical care and may not think they would require any vaccines before departure; however they are usually at high risk for illnesses due to contaminated food and water such as travellers’ diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid. Other health risks include mosquito borne illnesses such as malaria, chikungunya and dengue fever.

This traveller may only be away for a short period of time so making the most out of the trip is essential. A few days spent ill can ruin an entire trip.

For the long-term tourist traveller, health and safety should be a priority. Many illnesses are vaccine or medication preventable. Travel health will help keep you safe and healthy for the length of your trip.

Simple steps and measures can help you to stay healthy and get the most out of your trip. Travel health advice should be sought 4-6 weeks before departure if possible.

The Nova Travel Health and Immunization Clinic will discuss:

  • Food and water safety precautions
  • Insect precautions
  • Recommended Immunizations
  • Sun Protection
  • Health and safety advisories

Here is where a few moments of prevention are worth weeks or months of cure.

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