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This type of traveller is one of the most at risk groups for illness. Often when visiting family or friends’ people are travelling home to where they grew up and therefore don’t think they require any vaccinations or medications.

This group of travelers may think they are immune to local infections. Unfortunately once you live away from your home for a number of years the immunity you once had to infections unique to your old home country disappears.

Travellers visiting friends and relatives are often more likely to stay in rural areas where the risk is greater for many diseases. Food, water and insect precautions are also not usually a priority.

This group is at particular risk for malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, tuberculosis and travellers diarrhea. Often children of varying ages accompany this group of travellers therefore special attention must be paid to ensure proper health and safety. The age of your children may also restrict the immunization of certain vaccines.

For further information on Travelling with Children please see our page.

This group of travellers are recommended to:

  • Seek pre-travel consultation a minimum of 4-6 weeks before departure (if possible)
  • Ensure all immunizations are up to date and include you hand any necessary prescriptions
  • Become well educated on food ,water and insect precautions
  • Check with family and friends for the type of areas and activities you will be visiting on your trip
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