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Mobile Travel Related Apps to help you stay healthy abroad, keep track of immunization history and more!

All travelers should plan to seek travel health advice a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to leaving Canada.  The Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic recommends a travel consultation to ensure you are up to date on  recommended travel and standard immunizations, have a nurse review your medical history and are prepared for illnesses that are not vaccine preventable.  Contact us today!

Vaccine Record For Travelers:  Don’t lose your records! This App keeps a detailed history of your immunizations, offers reminder alerts for when vaccines need to be updated.

vaccine record

CDC’s Can I Eat This?:  App developed to help prevent traveler’s diarrhea and other illnesses due to contaminated food and water.  Select the country your visiting and what you are planning to eat and the app will tell you whether it is safe to eat or not.

Can I eat this app

Travel Health:  App developed by Dr. Deborah Mills, Australian Travel Medicine Specialist.  App provides travel health advice while abroad included diagnosis of over 150 common medical conditions and when they NEED to seek urgent medical advice.

travel health app

Jetlag Rooster:  Scientific app that helps reduce jet leg, all you have to do is input your trip details to get a customized jet leg plan.  Does not require an internet connection to use.

jet leg rooster 2


Immunize Canada:  An app developed to help you easily record and store vaccine information, see immunization schedules, and access alerts about disease outbreaks.


Travel Smart:  App maintained by The Government of Canada.  Provides Canadians with important travel information for travel or living abroad including accessing emergency contact information, border wait times, passport and visa requirements and health and safety conditions.

Travel Smart

MedicAlert Mobile App:  Keep an update medicalert profile on your phone to manage and track your health while on the go.

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