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Volunteering to work abroad can be a wonderful, at times life changing experience. Medical workers and/or community volunteers are at a greater risk of travel health than pleasure travellers.

This group of travellers are often in a location that has a limited access to health care so being prepared is key. Preventative health care is essential.

Choose your food and water carefully to avoid illness. Avoid insect bites whenever possible and ensure your immune system is protected by getting enough rest and being immunized before departure.

At Nova Travel Clinic we provide health and personal risks assessment unique to their destination and type of travel.

You will leave more prepared for your adventure.

This group of travellers are recommended to:

  • Seek pre-travel consultation
  • Ensure all immunizations are up to date including prescriptions
  • Become educated on food ,water and insect precautions
  • Check you have what is required from your volunteer organization (they may have specific recommendations for your trip)
  • Consider who/what you will be working with and let your health care provider know
  • Consider local culture and pack conservative clothing options
  • Ensure you have proper footwear (pack a selection of comfortable shoes)

 Nova Travel Clinic provides specific vaccines for travelers tailored to your itinerary and type of travel.


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