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Hepatitis A is a travel risk even for short term or resort travellers

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Over a one month range from February- March 2015, there have been several reported cases of Hepatitis A among United States travellers returning from Tulum, Mexico.

Why get vaccinated?

Hepatitis A is one of the most common vaccine preventable illnesses acquired by travelers.  It is found in most parts of the world and is most often spread person to person from contaminated food and water.   Your best protection is vaccination.   Hepatitis A is a serious liver disease causing flu like symptoms, jaundice and stomach pain.

Short Term or Resort Traveller?

There is a risk of Hepatitis A even for travelers going on short term vacation, staying in a high end hotel or  resort.   Travellers who adhere to strict hygiene and food and water practices are also still at risk.

Hepatitis A can be found by enjoying:

  • Food and/or beverages contaminated with microscopic amount of human waste
  • Food handled by a person infected with Hepatitis A
  • Raw seafood from contaminated water
  • Fruit or Vegetables rinsed or injected with contaminated water
  • Drinks with ice made from contaminated food and water

Recommendations for Travellers:

It is recommended that travelers follow food and water safety precautions and practice proper hygiene.

Travellers heading abroad are recommended to seek travel health advice a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to departure (if possible).  Last minute travelers are still advised to make an appointment.  Nova Travel Clinic will ensure you are up to date on all recommended immunizations prior to travel.

One dose of hepatitis A can provide effective short-term protection for upcoming travel.  A second booster dose is recommended upon return for lifetime protection.

Need both Hepatitis A and B?  We have a combination vaccine (Twinrix)

For more information contact us to book an appointment today!

Health Canada Travel Advisory

If you return sick from travel

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