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Typhoid Fever epidemic throughout Zambia

A typhoid fever epidemic is currently occurring throughout Zambia.   Risks are higher in impoverished areas outside the capital city of Lusaka.   Cases of typhoid fever in the local population are usually under-reported.

Typhoid fever is a serious and potentially fatal infection caused by the bacteria salmonella typhi.  It is spread person to person through contaminated food and water.  Typhoid  is common in areas where sanitation is poor such as rural areas and small cities.

Protection For Travellers:

Typhoid vaccination  is recommended for all travelers to Zambia.   There are two types of typhoid vaccines to protect you against typhoid fever.

Travellers should practice extreme food and water precautions while travelling.

 Nova Travel Clinic advises travelers seek consultation a minimum of 4- 6 weeks before departure to ensure they are up to date on all recommended immunizations and educated on preventable illnesses prior to travel abroad.

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