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Weekly occurences of Chikungunya in French Polynesia

The Ministry of Health in French Polynesia has reported 26, 700  suspected and locally confirmed cases of chikungunya fever since October 2014.  Approximately 9, 000 cases of chikungunya are occurring weekly and the outbreak has yet to peak.  The cases in French Polynesia have been primarily reported from Tahiti.

Travellers are advised to use day time insect precautions to help protect themselves from chikungunya fever.  Chikungunya is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.  There is no vaccine to prevent this virus.

Why a consultation? Travellers need to be aware of travel related illnesses such as chikungunya, dengue fever and malaria.  It is advised to seek travel health advise prior to any travel abroad so you are aware of current health recommendations and concerns for the destination. Travel destination(s) will be reviewed, as well as history of immunizations. The Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic provides personalized and comprehensive consultations to ensure a safe and healthy trip abroad; vaccinations are done in the same appointment, book your appointment today!

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