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Cholera: Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti

Cholera is in intestinal infection caused by a bacteria. The most common mode of transmission is through eating and/or drinking contaminated food and water.  Symptoms are acute and include water diarrhea and rapid dehydration which can be fatal.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti have reported thousands of cholera cases and related deaths since the cholera epidemic in October 2010. Cases have decreased annually since then however there is an increase during seasonal heavy rainfal months of May-July and September- October.

Following Hurricane Sandy in July 2012,and the cholera outbreak in Cuba, there have been cases of cholera reported in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Guantanamo.

The Public Heath Agency of Canada recommends safe food and water practises while travelling to Cuba, Dominican and Haiti.

Dukoral is an effective Travellers diarrhea preventative, it protects against e-coli and cholera. Book your consultation with a travel nurse before travelling to find out more.

Seek medical attention immediately if you develop severe diarrhea and/or vomiting upon your return to Canada.

Drink Fluids and use oral rehydration salts to prevent dehydration.

For further information see our page on Travellers Diarrhea

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