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Ebola Vaccine being tested in Guinea

Vaccines to prevent and treat Ebola virus diseases are an urgent international priority.  A vaccine against Ebola virus is currently under trials in Guinea, West Africa.  The first results are promising and show effectiveness in preventing Ebola virus diseases in laboratory diagnoses cases.   The vaccine produces a rapid immune response against the Ebola Virus in one injection.

Between April and July 2015 a total population of 7, 651 people were included in the analysis, 4, 123 people were randomly assigned immediate vaccination and 3, 528 were randomly assigned delayed vaccination (delay of 6 days).

Those who received the vaccine were protected 6 days post immunization.  No new cases of Ebola virus were reported in vaccines from the immediate group or the 6 days post immunization delayed groups.  It is likely that regimens and booster doses may be needed for long-lasting immunity for health care workers and high risk populations.

This vaccine against Ebola virus disease is still under trials and is not currently commercially available.

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