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First cases of dog rabies reported in Malaysia



Since July 2015, press sources in Malaysia have  reported more than 25 cases of rabies from dogs in the states of Perlis, Kedah and Pulau Pinang.   Malaysia has not reported cases of dog rabies since 1999.

Malaysia is a developing nation located in South East Asia.  Certain Travellers are recommended for the rabies vaccine; examples include those with risk of occupational exposure, those who may have contact with bats.  With the current situation all travelers should seek medical advice from their local travel clinic prior to departure.   Travellers who have been bitten, scratched or licked by a dog in the states of Perlis, Kedah or Pulau Pinang should seek immediate medical care.

Rabies is more common in developing countries where stray animals are in close contact with humans.  Rabies is an acute, progressive infection of the central nervous system caused by the rabies virus.  Once symptoms develop rabies is almost always fatal.   The most common cause of rabies is from the bite of an infected rabid animal; dogs are the main source of infection for humans worldwide.  The disease can be prevented through prompt immunization once a bite, scratch or contact with saliva has occurred.

Find out if you are at risk for rabies and other illnesses prior to travel by seeking travel health advise a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to departure.  There is a preventative rabies vaccine for those at high risk while travelling.  Contact the Nova Travel and Immunization Clinic today to book your appointment!

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