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Severe flu season expected for 2014-15


This year’s flu season has started early, the present  strains circulating are consisting of a mutation strain of A(H3N2). Canada, Europe and the US have reported almost exclusively the circulation of influenza A(H3N2), flu seasons dominated by this strain tend to be severe.  The current vaccine strain in this year’s flu vaccine (A/Texas H3N2) will not protect against this mutated strain.

Should you still get the flu shot? Yes.  The flu vaccine still provides protection against the other strains and overall significant benefit.

Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself as well as your children and elderly family’s health.

Travellers are at high risk for influenza.  Ensure you are using personal protective measures including proper hand hygiene to keep yourself protected. Have you had your flu shot?  Are you up to date on recommended vaccination for your trip abroad?  It is recommended to seek if travel health advise 4-6 weeks (if possible) before travel.  Leaving short notice?  it is still recommended to see a travel health provider to ensure you are protected.  Contact the Nova Travel Clinic today!



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