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World Malaria Day

April 25, 2013 is this years World Malaria Day. Malaria is a concern in over 100 countries all over the world.  Travellers are reminded to seek travel health advice prior to travel to risk area to learn about malaria prevention.

Malaria is a disease caused by the bite of an infected mosquito.  The bite allows tiny parasites to enter the bloodstream.  This particular mosquito tends to feed between dusk and dawn; risks areas can change based on season, location and altitude.  Malaria is a very serious disease; protection should be a priority when traveling to risk zones.

Principles to follow for malaria prevention include:

  • Awareness of risks and symptoms
  • Mosquito bite prevention: See page on Protection Against Insects Bites
  • Seek travel health advice 4-6 weeks before travel to discuss possible prescriptions for anti-malarial drugs and for advice on protection
  • If symptoms develop seek medical attention right away

For more information on malaria please see our page on:  Malaria 


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