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Cholera: Dominican Republic

According to the Dominican Ministry of Health, Since November 3rd, 2012, There have been 6,622 suspected cases of cholera and 47 cholera-related deaths reported.

Cholera is predominantly spread through the ingestion of contaminated food and/or drinking water.  Cholera is a bacterial disease, its effects can cause diarrhea and dehydration.  Water may be contaminatd by the feces of an infected person or by untreated sewage.  Food is usually contaminated by being handled by a cholera infected individual.

Travellers are advised to exercise caution to avoid getting sick.  Drink and use safe water, Wash hands often with soap and safe water, use toilets, ensure food is cooked well and kept hot.  The Center for Disease Control advises packing a prescription travellers diarrhea (Dukoral is available as a preventative measure, and must be taken prior to travelling), water purification tablets and oral rehydration salts.

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