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Update : Chikungunya outbreak across Caribbeans countries and the Americas

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Guatemala’s Ministry of Health has reported the first locally acquired cases of chikungunya fever in this country.  8 confirmed cases have been reported in the city of Escuintla.

Since October 2013 more than 850, 000 suspected and confirmed cases of chikungunya have been reported across the Caribbean and in the Americas. 95% of the cases  have been reported from Dominican Republic, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, and El Salvador.

Chikungunya is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito.  Travellers are advised to practice daytime insect precautions.  If you have returned from the Caribbean and are  presenting with a fever within 12 days of  your return you are advised to seek medical attention.

Travellers should seek travel health advise a minimum of 4-6 weeks (if possible) before departure to ensure they are up to date on all standard immunizations, the travel nurse will discuss recommended travel immunizations and educate travelers are proper insect precautions, food and water safety and other health concerns.  Call Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic to book an appointment.

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