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Needing a TB Test for work or school?

Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic offers many occupational vaccines and services such as TB testing and the flu shot.

TB Testing is 35.00 and booked by appointment only.  Please contact the office today to ensure you are ready for work or school!

What is a TB test?

TB test plant

A tuberculin test is the first test given to check for TB. This is a two-part test.  In the first part, a small needle injects a small amount of a harmless test substance under the first layer of skin on your forearm.

Although there is minimal risk, you will be asked to stay in the clinic for 10-15 minutes following the skin test to see if you experience any allergic reaction. The reaction you may get from this is a raised area where the needle was given. If this area gets itchy, do not scratch it. Instead apply cold (e.g., an ice cube) to this area. The second part of the test is read  a minimum of 48 hours or a maximum of 72 hours later. You must return to  see the nurse to have your reaction ( if any) measured.

For more information please see our page on TB Testing


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