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Typhoid Fever on the rise


Hundreds of typhoid fever cases have been reported in both government and private hospitals in India.  After continuous rain fall, increased cases of typhoid fever are being reported due to contaminated food and water.

If you are travelling to a country where typhoid is a risk , it is important to visit a travel clinic 4-6 weeks prior to departure to ensure you are aware of your risks and information regarding vaccinations.   There are typhoid vaccines to help protect you against travel related illnesses like typhoid.  Food and water safety precautions should also be followed while travelling abroad.

What is typhoid fever? 

Typhoid Fever is a serious and life-threatening infection caused by the bacteria salmonella typhi; the infection is spread to humans through consumption of contaminated food and water.

Symptoms can appear 1-3 weeks after exposure and can include fatigue, headaches and diarrhea.

What are my risks?

Risks for typhoid will vary traveler to traveler and will depend on factors such as: type of travel, length of stay, accommodation while abroad.  Areas with lower sanitization or lowered access to safe water may put travelers at an increased risk for typhoid fever.

A lot of time and energy is put in to planning a trip abroad, don’t forget to take the time to plan your time and budget for travel health and safety before departure.   It is never to late to seek travel health advice however you may be limited to some vaccine efficacy if left close to departure.  If possible, book your travel consultation appointment 4-6 weeks prior to departure.

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